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  • Increased online conversion rate from 4% to 13% at EnergyAustralia, and sales 40% year on year.

  • Introduced abandonment strategy (10% conversion rate) and geo-targeting (representing 5% of sales).

  • Implemented personalisation for key segments, delivering an impressive conversion rate of 45%.

  • Optimisation resulting in online spend being 50% more than via call centre, at Aussie Farmers Direct.

  • Grew digital to represent 75% of total revenue (from 20%) at Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ).

  • Delivered capability for digital marketing efforts to link clients to app, increasing coversion rate x2 at SEPHORA.

  • Delivered a mobile app for Aussie Farmers, accounting for 30% of total revenue and averaging 4.5 stars.

  • End to end development and launch of first mobile sites for Aussie Farmers, Viva Tags and PPQ.

  • Championed customer re-engagement by connecting packaging and technology for Aussie Farmers and PPQ.

  • In 2015, delivered a new online sales experience, increasing conversion rate and consumer sentiment.

  • Delivered a customised CMS to streamline and personalise product, content, campaign and brand strategies.

  • Refreshed brand and shopping sites powered by complex back-end fulfilment systems.

  • Introduced a LayBy portal, allowing customers to self-serve, moving 20% of total sales revenue online at PPQ.

  • Delivered an Admin portal, significantly reducing manual tasks and processing time for the call centre.

  • Leading a cross-functional project team, implemented a web chat solution before it became commonplace.

  • Grew opt-in community base to thirty times its original size over four years.

  • Personalized segmented communication, resulting in their transaction spend being 35% higher than average.

  • Launched company's first blog and new customer support requirements.

  • Defined startup Viva Tags' brand pillars, customer value proposition and marketing strategy.

  • Managed new product campaign (7-Character) generating over $2 million in revenue.

  • Delivered successful tactical campaigns with Lorna Jane, Supercheap Auto and Breast Cancer Foundation.

  • Launched products featuring The Simpsons (a world first!), Looney Tunes, Hello Kitty.

  • Developed social strategy (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), making PPQ one of the first in the state to adopt

  • National Finalist - 2014 AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association) Awards Best of Tablet.

  • National Finalist – 2010 Online Retail Industry Awards – Best Online Retail Marketing Initiative.

  • Bronze - 2009 ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association) Awards - Effectiveness (7-Character Plates).

  • State Winner & National Finalist - 2008 AMI (Australian Marketing Institute) Awards - Brand Revitalisation.

  • National Finalist - 2006 AIMIA Awards - Effectiveness (PPQ.COM.AU).

New personalized online sale experience

2015; EnergyAustralia

Highly-acclaimed and convenient mobile retail app

2013; Aussie Farmer Direct

Viva Tags' first client was a Mercedes-Benz dealership

2012; Viva Tags

Product launch generating $2m in revenue

2010; PPQ